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PROM/SE: Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education

PROM/SE Overview:

Our Goals

PROM/SE is implementing a series of large-scale innovative strategies directed at producing significant and positive gains in the educational opportunities and learning of about 300,000 students. Around 37% of these students are urban and rural poor. The project is also intended to improve the science and mathematics teaching of a large proportion of the more than 18,000 elementary, middle and high school science and mathematics teachers in these districts.

We have four main goals, all aimed at the overarching objective of improving student learning in mathematics and science.

  • Build reform efforts on a base of empirical evidence
  • Align instruction with challenging content expectations
  • Provide professional development based on disciplinary content and standards/expectations
  • Reform the preparation of future teachers

. . . all to improve student learning

At the end of the project, we expect to see a remarkable improvement in K-12 student achievement in mathematics and science. The project will produce a rich body of data, research and materials on effective mathematics and science education, professional development and reform activities. We hoped that the outcomes of PROM/SE will be valuable resources from which MSU, our K-12 partners, and other researchers and practitioners can draw from in continuing to promote rigorous outcomes in mathematics and science education.

www.promse.msu.edu. PROM/SE is funded by the National Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreement No. EHR-0314866.