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PROM/SE: Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education
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2006 Fall Science Institute

The Fall Science PD will focus on exploring the Structure of Matter (a unifying topic identified during the Science Forum and an idea of low performance based on PROM/SE data).

Using the AAAS Atlas and Benchmarks for Scientific Literacy as a framework, participants will explore the content beginning at an elementary level and moving through to a proficient high school understanding. We will explore the notion of a trajectory for this topic and consider how the topic is taught and sequence in the local schools. Through each activity we will consider the following reflective questions:

  • What content knowledge would you need to teach this well at each level?
  • What abilities of inquiry would the students need to complete the activity successfully?
  • What about these concepts are difficult for children to learn?
  • How do we help students learn these concepts in meaningful and deep ways?
  • How does the content learned/presented in the lesson link to the previous?
  • Oct 11-12: High AIMS
  • Oct 25-26: SMART
  • Nov 1-2: St. Clair
  • Nov 9-10: Ingham/Calhoun

www.promse.msu.edu. PROM/SE is funded by the National Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreement No. EHR-0314866.