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PROM/SE: Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education

PROM/SE Overview:


To contact PROMSE staff, call 517/353-4884 or email promse@msu.edu

Project Leadership

William Schmidt
PROM/SE Lead Principal Investigator
University Distinguished Professor, College of Education, Michigan State University
Peter Bates
PROM/SE Co-Principal Investigator
Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University
George Leroi
PROM/SE Co-Principal Investigator
Dean Emeritus, College of Natural Science, Michigan State University

Staff Directory

  • Jacqueline Babcock, Chief of Staff
  • Philip Babcock, Data and Assessment Consultant
  • Peter Bates, Co-Principal Investigator, Co-Director of Mathematics
  • Jean Beland, Executive Secretary to Joan Ferrini-Mundy
  • Mary Bouck, Director of Capacity Building
  • Danita Brandt, Co-Director of Science
  • Jean Buhler, Research Assistant
  • Gail Burrill, Co-Director of Mathematics
  • Jennifer Cady, Secretary
  • J. Chandler, Program Analyst
  • Leland Cogan, Data and Special Projects Coordinator
  • Christina DeFouw, Finance Manager
  • Doug Estry, Consultant, Science
  • Bob Floden, Associate Dean, Director College of Education
  • Richard Houang, Director of Research
  • Elizabeth Jones, Consultant, Professional Development
  • Terry Joyner, Consultant, Parent Initiative
  • Neelam Kher, Research Associate and Visiting Professor
  • Glenda Lappan, University Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
  • George Leroi, Co-Principal Investigator, Dean Emeritus, College of Natural Sciences
  • Ellen Link, Secretary
  • Barbara Markle, Director of External Relations
  • Rebecca Murthum, Administrative Assistant Supervisor
  • Joyce Parker, Assistant Professor, Adviser Science
  • Susan Pettit-Riley, Director of Communications
  • Christopher Reimann, K-12 Outreach Specialist
  • Gail Richmond, Associate Professor
  • William Schmidt, Principal Investigator
  • Nanette Seago, Consultant, Virtual PD
  • Dot VanLooy, Director of Operations
  • Kathleen Wight, Research Assistant
  • Zhiwen Zou, Research Assistant

(Joan Ferrini-Mundy was Lead Principal Investigator through December 2006)

www.promse.msu.edu. PROM/SE is funded by the National Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreement No. EHR-0314866.