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PROM/SE: Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education

PROM/SE Overview

Timeline and Process

PROM/SE Timeline

  • Year One (2003): startup, data gathering, awareness and community building
  • Year Two (2004) : data analysis and interpretation, mathematics capacity building
  • Year Three (2005): data analysis, interpretation, local initiatives, science capacity building
  • Year Four (2006): additional data gathering, assessment of local initiatives
  • Year Five (2007): virtual professional development system, local initiatives and plans for ongoing work, assessment of student learning
  • Years Six-Eight (2008-2010): virtual professional development system on-line, science framework, parent outreach initiative, curriculum coherence work with districts, assessment of student learning, work toward sustainability

Our Process

PROM/SE and its partners will work collaboratively to:

  • Use data to identify and frame a problem/issue
  • Collect and examine other relevant data (GLCE, Benchmarks, instructional materials, time allotted for math and science instruction)
  • Design strategies and solutions to address the problems and issues
  • Create a plan to implement the solution
  • Carry out the plan

www.promse.msu.edu. PROM/SE is funded by the National Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreement No. EHR-0314866.